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Topic of the week: Personal Insurance

Add insurance coverage to the college to-do list!

By Jeanne Maloy, Vice President & Branch Manager


5 insurance facts that all college-bound students need to know:

Students today bring more than just a bag of clothes and bedding to school – they bring an expensive assortment of technology, instruments, gadgets and small appliances. That means, as parents send their sons and daughters off to school, it is important to make sure that they (and all of their stuff) are properly covered by insurance.

1. Check to see if your student is already covered.
Most students are already covered, but it doesn’t hurt to check.
For many students living on campus, additional coverage isn’t usually necessary because the student should be covered under their parents’ homeowners’ policy. However, this coverage is dependent on the student still calling mom and dad’s address home. Keeping the student’s primary residence the same as their parents' allows most students to remain under their parents’ policies. That said, it's always best to talk to your agent about your specific situation and needs, and to double check that your student is still covered.

2. You might want to consider extra coverage.
Even though your student is likely covered under your homeowners’ insurance policy while away at school, additional coverage may be necessary if they are keeping valuables in their dorm room. Students keeping expensive equipment in their dorm rooms (where doors are often kept open to the public) may want to consider a valuable items endorsement, which can provide blanket coverage for the loss of the valuable items a student may bring along to college. While this coverage can add $100 to $120 a year in added cost, the policy is significantly less costly than replacing a stolen or damaged laptop.

3. Reviewing auto policies with your agent can lead to savings!
Many colleges restrict underclassmen from bringing a car to campus, which often results in a student’s vehicle sitting in the driveway at home for the majority of the year. If this is the case,  talk to your agent about any possible discounts to minimize the cost of insurance for a vehicle that is barely used.

4. When a student moves off campus, things get complicated.
When a student moves out of a dorm and into an off-campus apartment, their insurance situation changes. The student is no longer covered under their parents’ homeowners’ policy, and instead, they will need to purchase a renters’ insurance policy to cover items in their rented apartment or house. Renters’ or tenants’ policies can be relatively affordable, and a valuable items endorsement can be added, should a student need additional coverage.

5. Talking with an agent can bring peace of mind and necessary policy changes
It just takes a few minutes to ease your concerns or evaluate your coverage needs, and it will save you and your student future grief should anything happen down the road! Your insurance agent will talk to you about all the liability issues surrounding college students, and how we can help keep your family protected. Call us today!